B-MO: The little chatbot that brought alive a big brand promise

CLIENT: Infosys

THE WORK: Concept, design, content and user flow for a branded interactive chatbot

Infosys wanted to take their brand promise of ‘Be More’ to a larger B2C audience in the US and Europe. Infosys’ thought behind the Be More tagline was: when automation takes care of the routine tasks, we as humans will be free to take on higher-value tasks that require our passion and imagination. Infosys wanted to deliver this message to people in an engaging manner.

We created a chatbot that helped people discover cool imaginary jobs in the future. The chatbot, named B-MO, got to know people’s interest areas and found the right job for them. We created over 60 wild and whacky jobs like cat choreographer, pet cuddlist, conversation ninja, nostalgist, and more.

The chatbot delivered over 7 million impressions with over 130,000 interactions for Infosys, helping explain what Be More actually meant in a fun way. The best part? We made a timeless digital utility that helps people dream of a more fulfilling career.

The promotion: B-MO’s got a job for you!

The bot: Tell B-MO what you like, then leave the crystal-balling to him.

The page: Dream a little dream with B-MO.

The jobs: Fancy some of these? Click here to apply now. (Just kidding. Don’t.)