THE WORK: Leveraged Account Based Marketing (ABM) to identify, attract and engage decision-makers across diverse industry segments.

A leading IT consulting firm wanted to drive visibility among the global decision-makers of their top 250 global accounts. The task at hand was to establish the brand as the go-to innovation partner of choice for these key accounts. The need was to create a strategic roadmap to guide customized content play. And the goal? To project the client as a game-changing support system with capabilities essential for the end-to-end transformation of the targeted accounts.

A unique Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategy was devised to take powerful stories of innovation to the target audience. Stories built around ongoing market trends and insights, research and whitepapers, re-purposed and promoted to the target audience through a sustained online push across digital and social. These purposeful conversation starters helped us map out the pain points of the target audience accurately. Understanding the challenge is half the solution. And our understanding allowed us to connect the problems with the problem-solvers, converting mass communications to focused conversations.

The strategy went beyond the traditional sales funnel and drove meaningful engagement on the potential solutions for challenges faced. This targeted ABM activity put the brand on the radar as a prominent global innovation partner for these 250 accounts.

Served a total of 1,542,128 impressions.

Reached 62% of the target accounts with these impressions.

The campaign: Driving curiosity and conversation with customized content.

The message: Equipped with insights, driven by innovation.